Full Sail Parties With Side Project

Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Full Sail holiday party may have been the last of three holiday parties for Side Project, but it was not lacking energy.

Full Sail SP Set

Side Project's Set @ Full Sail LIVE

This was Side Project's first time performing at the Full Sail LIVE venue.  It was also DJ King's first time performing at the school as an alumni, so it was a very special event.

SP Full Sail Set 2  

The night started out with, Michelle from Vioelectric, playing contemporary music at the VIP party.  It's always fun to watch her perform as the music from her violin "sings", in a sense, the words to all of our favorite songs.

Violin 2.16.12 SP and vioelectric

(Left) Electric Violin.  (Right) Jonathan of Side Project with Michelle from Vioelectric.


Once the VIP party ended the doors opened for the rest of the party to join, and enjoy Side Project's performance.  Although the DJ and Drummer duo were exhausted after two long days on set they got their second wind from the energy of the crowd.

The crowd was loving everything about Side Project and were having a blast on the dance floor.

Full Sail Crowd

"I don't think a single person was sitting down."-SP

Side Project had a blast performing at Full Sail and was happy to have ended a long weekend of shows with a bang.



Side Project Rocks the Bright House Holiday Party

Saturday, December 15, 2012

One holiday party after another, Side Project keeps the great entertainment coming!

Tonight Side Project had the pleasure of performing for the Bright House holiday party.

Holiday parties aren't just ordinary get togethers, they usually consist of the companies entire staff from around the company.  It is for this reason that Side Project is always honored to perform for gigs like this.

Everyone at the show had a great time and it was the perfect way to celebrate a great year!


The Wait Is Over, Side Project 3D is Unveiled!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Side Project reveals their new 3D Mapping show at the Hello USA holiday party.

The guys of Side Project have been anxious to finalize all the fine details in their new show and were so excited to get to set it up in a venue other than their practice space. 

The new Side Project show is unlike any corporate entertainment out there.  Typically 3D mapping of this nature has only been used at DJ shows with dubstep or house music, but Side Project found the perfect mixture of top 40's songs, old school rap, house, and a little bit of dubstep.  This is a show that spans all walks of music and visually warps the minds of the audience.

The first time watching this show, I was in a trance trying to determine whether their set was actually moving or if it was the AMAZING graphics.

Side Project works with Hello USA a lot, and so the auience was already a fan of Side Project, but when the new show started they went crazy!  Everyone was having such a good time and they ended up requesting an extended performance.

The guys of Side Project had such a great time at the Hello USA holiday party and are honored that they were chosen as the entertainment.

"Performing last night for the Hello USA/Mears holiday party was amazing! And...we unveiled our new show!!!  Thank you for all the compliments.  It means A LOT coming from a room of very talented planners, :-)"- SP


Side Project Plays First of Two Shows For Ernst & Young

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Ernst & Young LOVES Side Project!!

Just over a year ago Ernst & Young chose Side Project to perform for their event and this year not only have they chosen them to perform again but on two separate dates.  Side Project will be performing for them again in just 2 days!

"We are so excited to work with this group again!  We had a blast tonight."- SP

Side Project Is Highlight Of General Session

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Side Project provided amazing entertainment for Hilton Grand Vacations' general session today!

The event started out with a fun CEO reveal.  Side Project provided the tunes for the shadow dancer who every one thought was the CEO.  The crowd loved it!

After the leaders on HGVC gave a few speeches they had yet another surprise for their audience...A surprise Gangnam Style dance number with all the top managers of HGVC.  SIde Project continued to play music when a surprise appearance of Gene Simmons from Kiss came onto the stage (yet another leader of Hilton).

This group loved all of the surprises but at the end everyone said,"We wish Side Project had played more!".

The DJ and Drummer duo had a blast playing for such a fun general session and hopes to work with Hilton Grand Vacations again in the future.

CEO Hand Picked Side Project For Entertainment

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Side Project was honered to be selected by the CEO of The Meeting Source!

"It was great to hang out with the CEO of The Meeting Source.  He's a really cool guy!"- SP

The Meeting Source is a full service event managment firm with an enthusiam for the industry.  They have a keen eye towards the future and are always keeping up with current trends, which is exactly why they chose the best entertainment act in the state to perform for their event.

SP 11.17.12

The guys of Side Project setting up for a great show!

Everyone had a really great time, icluding Side Project!

"It was our first time at B.B.Kings and it was a really fun event to perform at!"-SP