Marriott International Loves Side Project!

Sunday, June 02, 2013

The Marriott International group loved having Side Project at their event tonight!

After a fun filled night of fundraising the dynamic DJ and Drummer duo are at it again performing at the Hard Rock Live in Orlando, FL.  

6.2.13 SP

"Had an amazing time at Give Kids the World last night, and tonight we're back at 2nd home. @ Hard Rock Live! Love this place."- Side Project

Hospitality groups, like Marriott International, always have a great time at these events because it's finally their turn to be catered on while they dance the night away.  Delicious food, awards, and great entertainment...what more could one ask for?  

Jenzabar Gets Educated In High Quality Entertainment

Friday, May 31, 2013

If it's one thing they love, Side Project LOVES to show people that there is unique and entertaining, corporate music acts.

Side Project provides the highest quality of entertainment and Jenzabar is a leading provider in higher education software, so it was the logical decision to have the DJ and Drummer duo perform at their event. The stage was set in the Pavillions, and although it was a hot night everybody wanted to dance!

Both the performers and the crowd were covered in sweat by the ened of the event.  You could tell that this was an event that would be talked about for the rest of the year.


DJ and Drummer Duo Make A Connection With Lastar Inc.

Saturday, May 04, 2013

Our favorite DJ and Drummer Duo have rocked another corporate party yet again.

Employees of Lastar Inc, an industry leader in high performance cabling and connectivity solutions, gathered at the Gaylord Hotel thinking that their entertainment woud be a standard cover band.  Little did they know that Side Project would have them up out of their seats and rushing to the dance floor. 

When the night came to a conclusion they had to make people clear the dance floor.  "We had such a great time, everyone was so energetic!" - Side Project

"Hey that Drummer in Side Project is really quiet, can you turn him up???" ~ said No One Ever.

Side Project Introduces A New Way To Focus(3D)

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

We've been talking about it for months...

It was released at the Hello USA Holiday Party...

NOW, it's time to see for yourself why people are RAVING about the new Side Project show - Focus3D

Side Project-DJ and Drummer, one of the Event Industry’s Most Successful Acts, have created the industry’s 1st Fully Produced 3D Mapping Show, “Focus3D.”  This show combines the musical skills of Side Project with the latest 3D mapping technology.

Side Project wanted to create a pre-packaged 3D mapping show that was designed specifically for Corporate and Special Events.  With this in mind, no details were overlooked.

They designed a custom set piece that is built around the DJ and Drummer duo, creating the surface upon which the custom graphics are displayed.  The 3D projection mapping brings this inanimate object to life with stunning visuals that move in harmony with the music.

Our custom graphics were designed by the best in the industry.  Our team has designed the 3D Graphics for the Black Eyed Peas Tour, Superbowl Half Time Show, LMFAO Tour, and so much more.

But it’s not just about the 3D.  The music for this show covers all genres and is perfect for any audience.  We guarantee it will have guests up and dancing from beginning to end, and leave them wanting more!

Take a step into the future with “Focus3D” and see for yourself why Side Project's "Focus3D" is being called the best entertainment option for events!

Side Project, Das Beste

Saturday, February 09, 2013

When it comes to Volkswagon, "every little thing matters", which is why the chose the best entertainment in town for their event, Side Project!

They held their event atthe Heaven Event Center in Orlando, FL.  It was primarily a networking event so Side Project had to tone down their awesomeness, but still delivered a GREAT show!

At the end of the night the DJ and Drummer duo was approached by one of the Volkwagon representatives who spoke with them abpout how pleased they were with the way the evening turned out.

SP 2.9.13

Just like Volkswagon designs their cars to fit the needs of their customers, Side Project can design their show to fit the needs of the client.


Side Project, Code Name: DJandDrummer

Saturday, February 09, 2013

Side Project and Funhouse rocked the James Bond themed event at Hard Rock Live!


SP 2.9.13 James Bond

Both Side Project and Funhouse looked slick in their Bond attire, as did the inside of Hard Rock Live.  The bands alternated sets and kept the party going all night.

"We always love working gigs at the Hard Rock.  It's like our second home"-SP